terça-feira, setembro 11, 2007

Before sunrise take a goodnight sleep

People often(and by often i mean always) feel something is missing in their lives. Sometimes is love, or a hug, or maybe just a “Hello”, an argument is always welcome but sometimes the world is at peace. No matter all that is missing or in lack off, it´s multiplied by some factors on a big journey. Each step is a new step on a new world, but the quality of the void is the same, it just keeps adding some miles. This mixture of adrenaline with excitation, saudade* of what was and mainly who was left behind makes the perfect setting to do precipitated things. Last month, during my inter-rail I heard several stories of relationships ending on a “Before Sunrise” excuse and justification. One would have been too many and enough to induce me to write this.

It´s not hard to get involved, to appreciate and even to fall in love with “Before Sunrise”, but surely, it must be even easier to understand that fiction doesn´t hurt. Not to mention that Jesse and Celine were not previously deeply entangled with anyone. Please notice that before I used the term relationship, not a fling, not an affair, and by relationship I mean a place where love is/was supposed to inhabit.

This is not an accusation, not even a moral judgment, I wouldn´t dare, the fact is that I don´t know the majority of the people about whom the stories were told. Just a suggestion on an abstract base:

When and if such an occasion arises, make sure you find a way to sleep on it, I’m sure that the person that is not there deserves at least a pillow talk of you with yourself.

* - Saudade doesn´t have translation, and i won´t try to explain what it means because so many have tried and failed. I guess the best way is coming to Portugal and find out by yourself.

P.S.- Este vai em inglês a pedido de alguns "fãs" que já há algum tempo reclamam não conseguir perceber Português.

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