quarta-feira, agosto 27, 2008

Punch Song ou como o Schiller se tornou poeta da Casa

Punch Song

Four elements, joined in
Harmonious strife,
Shadow the world forth,
And typify life.

Into the goblet
The lemon's juice pour;
Acid is ever
Life's innermost core.

Now, with the sugar's
All-softening juice,
The strength of the acid
So burning reduce.

The bright sparkling water
Now pour in the bowl;
Water all-gently
Encircles the whole.

Let drops of the spirit
To join them now flow;
Life to the living
Naught else can bestow.

Drain it off quickly
Before it exhales;
Save when 'tis glowing,
The draught naught avails.

Friedrich von Schiller

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fernando pessoa disse...

Eu próprio não faria melhor!

Pedro Gomes disse...

Boa receita de limonada...