quinta-feira, novembro 10, 2011

Punch Elegance - Audrey Hepburn´s letter to Tiffany´s

O elogio da futilidade feito com tanta elegância que quase valida o excesso que essa instituição representa.

Dear Tiffany,

A thing of beauty is a joy forever that is why the lustre of the art of Tiffany´s remains undimmed. For 150 years your name has stood for beauty, style, quality and constancy. You have brightened our faces with your jewelry, iluminated our homes with your lamps, brought glow to our tables with your silver, given distinction to our lives, you certainly have to mine by inviting me to breakfast - how many can say they´ve had coffee and croissants at Tiffany´s - a memory I shall always cherish. Happy Birthday, dear T., with love - but also with envy, for after 150 years you don´t have a wrinkle - but then, class doesn´t age!

Your devoted friend,

Audrey Hepburn

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